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About Next Move Up Reveal (For Businesses)

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The amazing benefit for Companies is that if they decide to pay the one-time fee, that's it. There will be no further cost no matter how you choose to proceed. This fee is a fraction of the price of a recruitment fee. Based on our own research, a company may reveal up to 80 candidates using our service for less than what they would pay for a typical recruiting fee.

We target only the best candidates and employers. For initial interest (pre sign up), Contact Us today. It's quick, easy, and secure, and is for both job hunters and would be employers. Once candidates are signed up it's easy to create their own wishlist of companies they'd like to work with, and it helps Employers find suitable candidates quickly, drastically reducing recruitment costs and saving precious time. Our program matches the right people with the right departments and works behind the scenes to ensure that each match is a match made in heaven. Join now for £199!

About Next Move Up (For Candidates)

Do you want to show potential employers that there's more to you than just your CV? At Next Move Up companies don't have to read between the lines to guess what you're really like, they get to see a video profile of you as well as your CV.

On our site you get the option to record a short film introducing yourself to potential employers. This way they get to meet you (almost) in person while the rest of the competition is still only words on a CV.

Your video and CV will be seen by the decision maker straight away. There are no agents, recruiters, middlemen or filters standing between you and the employer.

We guide you through the filming process; share tips and instructions on how to make the perfect video profile. It's so easy; all you have to do is press Record and chat for 2 or 3 minutes about the kind of job you're looking for, share what strengths you have, and any standout experiences you've had in the workplace.

Once we've got your film we take a look through your application form and find out more about the type of work you're looking for. Then we put you in front of some of the best companies on the planet and your video pushes you head and shoulders above the rest.

How To Sign Up

Sign Up For Free

Enter your details. (You must have an email address) Enter your reference code if you have been given one.

Enter Your Employment History

Enter your employment history. Be as descriptive as you can when writing about your responsibilities and achievements.

Record/ Upload Your Video

A video résumé is your chance to show an employer exactly who you are. Watch our tips video to get advice on the perfect video.

You don't have to upload a video... but it will greatly improve your chances.


Tips - Check out these tips to help you create the perfect video.

Example Video
More Videos
My Details

Your account is now created. Now take time to fill out your profile. The "My Details" page is your chance to talk more about your qualifications, interests, key skills, job history etc.

Enter as much detail as you can as this will give you a greater chance to be found in searches.

My Job Criteria

Here you can tell us the type of employment you are seeking. The companies you would like to work for, or that you do not want to search for you, and where you would like to work.


If a company finds you in a search and is interested in talking to you, they will email you through your own Next Move Up email inbox.

Please check this on a regular basis. You will receive an email (to the email address you signed up with) to let you know that you have a message.

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Example Video
Example Video
Example Video
Example Video
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