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UK Job Search Competition is at its Fiercest
Author: Andrew Seward
Date: 22nd February 2017

It turns out, among the top New Year’s Resolutions for 2017 is to find a new job, otherwise referred to as the New Year, New Job phenomenon that tends to happen every year; similar to other resolutions like stopping smoking and losing weight, etc.

This year though tops the charts for the New Year, New Job seekers. Its put Britain on the map as the country with the fourth largest global spike for people wanting a new job this year according to one of the largest job search sites globally – Indeed.

One of the surprising spikes would have to be the role hotel managers. Specifically, night managers as that’s seen a surge of 126% reported to be an effect of the BBC One hit drama “The Night Manager”.

Another role to see a spike in searches is for job coaches. Turns out a number of job seekers would like to be job coaches. If that sounds like you, since it’s among the job roles with stiff competition, you might want to consider narrowing your new career choice by asking who you would like to coach.

  • Do you want to coach students?
  • Do you want to be a job coach for adults with learning disabilities?
  • Perhaps a job coach for the hotel and catering sector? Like coaching the people who want to become hotel night managers?


No matter what your career choice is, there’s likely a way to narrow it further and find an easier opening into a new sector.

The top sector with the largest demand (is once again) – the Tech Sector!

For years now, the UKs tech sector has been the most in demand for job seekers. It’s great news for tech firms, many of which are firmly aware that the best time to get a massive response for any tech job advert is in January when the industries top talent is more likely to jump ship in line with their New Year’s Resolution to advance their career.

February isn’t too late either.

If you don’t know, the UK is Europe’s leading technology hub. Perhaps the reason for the huge surge in demand for tech jobs is the amount of technology and FinTech start-ups, along with major corporations such as Amazon and Google finding the London Tech Hub the location of choice to attract and retain some of the world’s best tech talent available.

If you’re after a job in the tech sector, there is stiff competition therefore you cannot take a laid-back approach to your job search.

It’s reported for tech jobs on, the amount of job searches for the tech sector in January was three out of every five searches.

Curiously Smart Metering Work is being sought out more

The bewildering query on the rise was that of the Smart Metering work. The reason that’s surprising is eventually smart meters will have been installed across the UK. The government’s target is to have all homes installed with a smart meter by the year 2020.

Is it really a smart career move? Worth asking, but more to the point…

Why are job-seekers who want to get involved in smart metering work searching on a job search website?

Seriously… think about this!

Who installs smart meters? It is of course energy suppliers.

Are there so many energy suppliers that they need to use broad job search websites?

There’s limited employers in the smart metering field, so you may as well go to the source.

If your New Year’s Resolution is to move into Smart Metering work, with a view on green energy for the future, a good starting point would be:

That’s right. Go to the largest of all energy suppliers (British Gas) which runs a trainee scheme to develop Smart Metering Experts.

There are certain jobs that employment industry reports can point you to, which will also highlight the errors that your potential competitors are doing - so while everyone else who wants to be obtaining Smart Metering work ponders around, you can jump to the source and apply for a traineeship with British Gas.

Or, go one better, and find out which companies have contracts with energy suppliers to supply the smart meters and apply to train with them.