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Unshackling The Fear That’s Preventing You from Pressing Record for Your VCV
Author: Andrew Seward
Date: 8th March 2017

There is a lot of advice out there that tells you the steps to take to build self-confidence. Photo-shop yourself and it’ll boost your confidence in how you look. Think positive thoughts, silence the negative, act positive and you’ll be perceived as positive etc.

Has that got you anywhere?

Most likely not and you’re about to learn exactly why that is.

You’re listening to the wrong messages. That’s not any content you read, or videos you watch. It’s an inner voice inside your own head.

It’s a master story teller that you’re trained to listen to from your infant years, your gut instinct. Something’s wrong. This is scary. OMG! What if?

Ask yourself this…

What’s the absolute worst that can happen?

You don’t get the job or promotion?

That’d happen anyway if you sat in your own bubble and took no action.

Here’s the thing…

When you go on camera, not everyone is going to agree with what you say. Some will wishy-washy about how they portray you. But do you know what?

It doesn’t matter on recruitment sites because you’re not public on YouTube and open for comments by people with nothing better to do with their time.

When employers look at videos, they’re really not all that interested in how much of a professional speaker you are. Chances are the role you are applying for won’t require public speaking skills.

What it will always require is demonstrating that you’re up for a challenge.

Are you up for new challenges?

If you are, then the VCV is the perfect way to prove that to recruiters. It’s actually in your favour to not be perfect. Granted, there’s a line you have to draw. A few hiccups, ers and erms are perfectly fine. After every few words, it’s problematic.

The heart of the Video CV

All you’re required to do when you press record is communicate. Something you do every day anyway, but because it involves something new, it’s challenging.

Challenges are scary and if you let that fear of the unknown get a death grip on you to the extent you’re paralysed from taking action, it’s holding your career back.

What else has a fear grip on you?

To overcome any challenge, it’s not self-confidence that’ll help you do it. It’s tenacity. Having the bottle to strike at the heart of fear and get over it by just taking action.

If you’re stuck in fear mode with a video already produced that you’re self-sabotage talking yourself into believing it’s not good enough… have someone review it. A friend, family member, or hire a stranger from a freelance job site to give you independent feedback. You’ll likely find that what you have is already good enough.

All you need to do is communicate. How you develop the confidence to do that can be many ways. Dressing appropriately, personal grooming, mouth exercises, plenty of hydration and soothing music to get you calm enough to control your breathing when the fear moment strikes.

Everyone handles fear differently. When presented with a challenge that you’ve never experienced before, you’ll always be facing fear. Until you learn to handle that fear, it’s going to have some control over your career and your life.

Defeating the mind-tricking conundrum

You hold the reigns to your own career. Not your conscious mind. It’s the subconscious that’s constantly telling the “you can’t do this” malarkey to your conscious mind and you’re led to believe your negative thoughts and feelings to be true.

Your subconscious mind is trained by habits and those are shaped by your actions.

Change your habits, address your fears, and take back control.

More importantly, it stops you putting off what you know you should and want to do to make yourself stand out to recruiters and push your career forward to where you want to be. 

Self-confidence, or self-anything has nothing do to with the fear of pressing record to present yourself on camera. It’s the fear of what-if that’s at work and that’s a mind issue. Nothing you do to improve self-confidence will help you challenge the root problem and that’s the fear of the unknown.

All you can do is face it, take the challenge, press record and keep on doing that until you have the confidence to know that what you have is good enough at communicating your message.