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How use GMass for candidate acquisition
Author: Andrew Seward
Date: 24th March 2017

Like all startups the challenges that faced at the beginning are many, varied and all seem to arrive at once.

As a SAAS (software as a service) business that allows companies to recruit and manage potential and existing staff through a dedicated and secure dynamic silo system we faced obstacles aplenty.

One of these was bringing the message of our potential to job hunters.

Through nextmoveup these candidates are able to upload their details and a video free of charge.

Employers can then trawl the database, adding their own candidates if they wish, and manage their employee flow dynamically. The combination of sophisticated search functions and the immediacy of response returns huge productivity gains.

After surveying the market we settled upon GMass as a tool that had the credentials for the task - to reach as many candidates as possible and then commence building meaningful dialogue with them.

We now use GMass in three ways. One for our OPT in news letter. This enables us to send personal emails (HTML too), to up to 10,000 subscribers at a time with ensured delivery: Not necessarily the case from an email server somewhere in the cloud!

GMass helps us in our candidate acquisition strategy - we use the auto follow up tool to take an inquiry from an email address to a fully completed video profile, automatically.

Alongside auto follow up we make full use of the personalisation and scheduling facilities.

Following our trial three key factors were critical in us reaching the decision to standardise on GMass:

1.) It's quick and very easy to understand

2.) We don't need to have another service - it feels like this is in house.

3.) It provides a high level of responses, beyond all other tools we tried.

Now we are seeing the fruits of our numerous trials and tests and we have integrated GMass into our core marketing programme.