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Why is a video C.V. important?
Author: Admin
Date: 18th May 2016

The power of video is immense, it gives you the opportunity to say what your cv doesn't. It allows you to highlight aspects of your character/ personality text can't. It enables you to reveal your demeanour and approach to life in meaningful ways that a cv may not.

For the employer, the insight is incredibly powerful: it enables them to judge whether you would enjoy their work environment, if there is cross over in what you are seeking to achieve, if your approach is aligned to their ethos and vice versa, if mutuality exists in how career progression can take place and if career advancement in their business matches your understanding or expectation of what that progression could be. Decision making for them is greatly enhanced by being able to see examples of prospective employees, whether as permanent, temporary or as contract staff

Is this the end of the seven year itch in the jobs market?
Author: Admin
Date: 3rd May 2016

Is this the end of the seven year itch in the jobs market? Put another way, have you been increasingly restless, looking to change career, move company or seeking promotion within your existing employer yet struggling to find the ideal 'new home'?

Worse, are you one of the many unfortunate people who had their job forcibly removed by the recession and now want to re-enter the employment market?

If you are any one of the above then, no doubt, you are busy drafting, brushing up, or simply updating, your curriculum vitae. Perhaps you have already attempted to achieve one of the aforementioned but are encountering difficulties. Are you noticing how the market has moved on, how the dynamics and the skill sets and requirements have altered?