Businesses from any location and of any size can find the latest talent from £199*, while candidates safely find a new job relevant to their needs.

Next Move Up Reveal (NMUR) is a new service that links employers and candidates.

For Business

The value for money is bar none, and the ROI potential is astronomical. Best of all? Candidates NMUR profiles are backed by links that will disappear after the post's expiration date - no need to have unnecessary details hanging around the web.

It's fast, clear, and delivered at an amazing price - based on our own research you could "reveal" up to 80 candidates for the price of one traditional recruitment fee.

Employers enjoy a smart and original way to find superior talent in no time.

Free to view for all employers, only paying to reveal once you have found the perfect match.

Businesses looking for new talent, it's easy get in touch and tell us what you are looking for.

* It's free for businesses to view our vanishing links - you only pay when you want to "REVEAL" the full contact info and an introduction to your chosen candidate. £199 is the starting price. We have further discounts for NHS, Education, NFP and Charities.

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For Candidates

Free for all candidates - ensure you are getting in front of the right people.

Hunting for a new job, create your profile now, or we can do it for you.

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Next Move Up provides employers with access to your profile, based on our own search algorithm. Our new NMUReveal service, enables you to get in front of the relevant potential employers, with a Vanishing Link that expires - therefore there is no chance of your personal information "hanging around the web". The Reveal service is new, fast, secure and great value for employers while it's free for you. Tell us your requirements for a new job and we can target the right companies and individuals tailored to your exact needs. Location, radius, salary, job type and more are all available to find the right job for you.

Send in your video and CV, and we can build your profile the same day. Don't have a video, just ask us to make one for you.

Video gives employers the chance to meet you (almost) in person from the second you apply for a job. You get to explain why you're the perfect candidate while every other applicant is still only words on a CV.

Register with Next Move Up and, with the art of video plus your CV/ résumé, you'll be head and shoulders above all the other job applicants.

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